• Aleta C. Fabregas Graduate Programs, Technological Institute of the Philippines,Quezon City, Philippines
  • Bobby D. Gerardo Institute of Information and Communication Technology, West Visayas State University, Lapaz, Iloilo City, Philippines
  • Bartolome T. Tanguilig III Graduate Programs, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines



K-means Algorithm, Euclidian Distance, Centroids, Clustering, Modified-K-means Algorithm Weighted Average Mean


This study focuses on the improved initialization of initial centroids instead of random selection for the K-means algorithm. The random selection of initial seeds is a major drawback of the original Kmeans algorithm because it leads to less reliable result of clustering the data. The modified approach of the k-means algorithm integrates the computation of the weighted mean to improve the seeds initialization. This paper shows the comparison of K-Means and Modified K-Means algorithm, using the first simple dataset of four objects and the dataset for service vehicles. The two simple applications proved that the Modified K- Means of selecting initial centroids is more reliable than K-Means Algorithm. Clustering is better achieved in the modified k-means algorithm.


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Fabregas, A., Gerardo, B., & Tanguilig III, B. (2016). MODIFIED SELECTION OF INITIAL CENTROIDS FOR K- MEANS ALGORITHM. MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology, 2(2), 48–64.